Our senior team's configuration allows us to perform assessments and implement improvements continously.
The development team monitors the system, and operation tasks are automated, using the DevOps concept, to simplify administration. This represents a better use of time, increases productivity and minimizes incidents.

cloud services

Cloud Services

We use a wide range of cloud solutions (PaaS, SaaS and XaaS) that provide flexibility, speed, scalability and high availability at affordable costs. These services yield an even better performance when operated by highly skilled teams like ours.


Collaborative Tools

GitHub, JIRA, Confluence, BaseCamp, Hangouts and Slack are just some of the collaborative tools we use. With them, our distributed teams communicate and share information more effectively, enabling close interaction when working remotely.

open source

Open Source

We use concepts and tools related to the distributed development model with the added advantage of living in the same country, in the same timezone, speaking the same language and being part of the same team. This way, we do our work more closely, with a greater degree of coordination and unity.



The whole team is involved in the quality process. Requirements and test cases are built collaboratively by the team with the product owner. This process is carried out in all phases of the project, where the QA analyst works closely with the rest of the team to ensure deliverable quality.
The product owner's daily involvement guarantees that the product will evolves according to your expectations.

product owner

Product Owner

The product owner is heavily involved in the project's daily activities. He joins the scrum meetings, provides feedback and works collaboratively on the priorities, scope and content of your requirements.
This interaction promotes a high level of transparency about the actions the team is taking and the progress achieved so far, giving clients valuable information to make the best business decisions.



We use an agile development model based on SCRUM, which was built and adapted from our experience in different types of projects.
Our work dynamic is tailored to the people who make up the team and the way they interact, leveraging everyone's talents and strengths to better achieve the goals you have set out for us.



Our development teams are usually small and are made up of senior profile developers with plenty of specialized experience. This ensures the ability to efficiently distribute the work between the members of the team, who are prepared to work in tandem, remotely and independently if necessary.
These highly skilled teams allow for making strategic decisions early on, reduce project risks and produce quick results.

time and materials

Time & Materials

We prefer to use the time and materials model for our contracts. This ensures that you can make changes to the project that will favor your business without having to go through extensive renegotiating. With this model, both the client and us are able to quickly estimate how much a given change will cost, and everything is plainly laid out on the table.
Fixed price projects, on the other hand, tend to be more expensive in the end, due to the need to include all possible risks within the budget. With our contract model, you can make the changes you need, and better understand and control the costs and direction of your project.



Our estimates, created with the Wideband Delphi method, are supported by a history of results that guarantees their reliability.
Our motivation is client satisfaction. We are focused on meeting your expectations, and developing a quality product, delivered on realistic schedules, within a reasonable budget.